Sleepover (1996)

Director: Toni English
Starring: Kobe Tai, Alexandra Silk, Kelly Jean, Stephaie Swift, Jon Dough, Steven st. Coix, Vince Voyeur, Kyle Stone.
Kobi Tai and Alexandra Silk are on their way to a sleepover at a friend’s house when their truck breaks down. Tormented with the notion that they’re going to miss out on oodles of absolutely depraved all-girl sex, the ladies take some roadside help – albeit a little unwillingly – from Stephen St. Croix and Kyle Stone. From the guys’ point of view, this is a dream come true – a pair of sexy, obviously horny girls stuck by the side of the road in need of a little help. What they don’t know, but what they’ll find out much to they’re dismay, is that these chickies have some major issues with men. It seems they were both hurt by men earlier in their lives, and are now out for a little payback. They get it, but before they do, there’s lots of scalding sex on tap here.

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