Sky Pies (1985)

Starring: Raven, Ron Jeremy, Gina Carrera, Stacey Donovan, R. Bolla, Sasha Gabor, Nichole West, Misty Regan, Tom Byron, Misty Blackmore, Suzie South, Miles, Pamela Jennings, Mark Wallice, Ellen Southerner, Rocky Rome.
Climb on board and welcome to the most amorous airliner in the sky! This fast-paced scorcher presents the airline industry as one non-stop carnal carnival in the sky, filled with buxom stewardesses, passionate pilots and even a few puerile passengers. One thing that makes this one stand out is that it was actually shot on a real 747! How they managed it is a mystery, but the result is a flick that has a real ‘on the spot’ feel. The action gets rolling even before the plane gets boarded, as the ticket agent joins a foxy femme under the counter for some sensual shenanigans. Airport security guard Tom Byron gives new meaning to the term ‘strip search’ when he trysts with a pair of passengers during a pre-flight detainment. Meanwhile, passengers Nicole West and Marc Wallice all but singe the screen when they decide to join the Mile High Club. Nicole’s at her scrumptious best, driving the scene into the stratosphere with her energy and enthusiasm. Also on hand for the sky-high sensuality are such curvaceous cuties as Gina Carrera and Raven, doing their utmost to please. The flick ends with the whole cast getting together for an in-flight orgy that leaves them all well spent. Hot towels, anyone?

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