Skin Dive (1996)

Director: Buck Adams
Starring: Kylie Ireland, Farrah, Missy, Anna Malle, Pryce Leigh, Buck Adams, Tony Tedeschi, Bobby Vitale, Chuck Martino.
Buck Adams stars as a big ol’ jerk of a boyfriend who is in the process of forcing his girlfriend Kylie Ireland to abandon the beach combing life she loves, to move to New York. Their opening pairing is charged with an incredible erotic energy, and there is some obvious chemistry at work between the performers. But then Buck proceeds to behave like the world’s biggest dog until Kylie finally comes to her senses and gives him his walking papers. She’s helped to see the light by a killer girl/girler with Farrah. Also turning in memorable performances are Anna Malle, who is on the receiving end of a wicked back-door pummeling by Tony Tedeschi, and the ever exquisite Missy.

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