Skin Deep (2000)

Director: Nic Cramer
Starring: Silvia Saint, Dayton Raines, Gina Ryder, Brooke, Mickey G., Jon Dough, Alec Metro, Ian Daniels, Eric Price.
A no-nonsense production in every aspect, this wall-to-wall scorcher delivers nothing but pure passion and heat, with none of the bells and whistles that clutter up so many hardcore ventures. We begin with the always delightful Silvia Saint. She brings her taut curves to a back door blast with Jon Dough, revving the flick up to speed with her ecstatic cries for more. Shapely Gina Ryder shines in the next clip, delving into some fervid frolicking with Eric Price in another scorcher. Fresh-faced Brooke then finds herself confronted by the sizable charms of Alec Metro in a steamy and sensual session. Dayton Raines all but steals the show next, taking on Ian Daniels in a white hot romp that leaves them both well-spent. Silvia is back for more in the finale, this time joining Mickey G. for a bawdy blast. Director Nic Cramer has delivered a rock solid sexvid here, giving audiences sexually driven pairings that are brought to the screen with a definite visual flair. Lots of raucous action, with nothing to stand in the way of the pure porn goodness. A treat for fans of Silvia Saint or anyone who appreciates no-frills hardcore.

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