Sinners 1 (1986)

Director: Cecil Howard
Starring: Marita Ekberg, Ashley Liberty, Sharon Kane, Melanie Scott, Laurie Smith, Sharon Mitchell, Kimberly Carson, Tasha Voux, Dick Howard, Ron Jeremy, Jack D’arcy, Jerry Butler, Paul Thomas.
Awarded as one of the Best Pictures of 1988!
An epic in the grand tradition, Cecil Howard’s “Sinners” series is a sprawling, powerful and seductive masterpiece. Hailed by critics and fans alike, Part One of this groundbreaking series was awarded as one of the best pictures of 1988. As was the case with many of the films directed by Cecil Howard, it earned a perfect AAAAA rating from AVN
Original Liner Notes: A dangerous beauty. An evil millionaire. A man willing to risk anything. A multi-million dollar master plan. A family swimming in corruption. A nymph gripped by passion. A streetwise seductress. A blonde designed for pleasure. A detective enslaved by a platinum heiress. A jealous mistress. Lesbian games. A man imprisoned by a woman’s desire. The ultimate dynasty of lust, power and lies…. Cecil Howard’s greatest erotic achievement, created shamelessly for everyone who ever dreamed of a secret sin.

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