Sinfully Yours (1985)

Starring: Christy Canyon, Pamela Jennings, Tony Martino, Marc Wallice, Stevie Taylor, Eric Edwards.
As a couple packs up and moves from their first house together, they take some time out to reminisce about the great times that they experienced while there. Needless to say, they end up thinking more about the sex they shared in the home than just about anything else. And while this doesn’t make for a very believable video, it does make for a very erotic one. Three of the hottest women of their time star in this sexvid treat, including a youthfully vivacious Christy Canyon. This ranks as one of her very earliest performances and her excitement and enthusiasm drive her scenes right through the roof. Christy wasn’t yet the superstarlet she would become, so she’s more than willing to drop all her inhibitions and engage in some of the wildest, most unhinged sex of her carnal career. Also well worth checking out is little-known starlet Pamela Jennings. A shapely starlet in the natural, nubile mold, Pamela serves notice that she’s able to hold her own against any sexual competition with some blistering work. And mouthwatering Stevie Taylor provides plenty of passionate thrills in her own right as she wends her wanton way through the flick. ‘Sinfully Yours’ is a nice pick for couples or for anyone into old school hardcore heat.

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