Shaved Pink (1985)

Director: Ron Jeremy
Starring: Buffy Davis, Tami White, Jennifer Noxt, Liz Randall, Kim Pare, Scott Irish, Peter North, Tanya Fox, Marc Wallice.
In this daffy and dizzy little sexvid, luscious Tami White and Scott Irish play a loving couple who are soon to be married. On the morning of their nuptials, Scott asks her if he can indulge in some back door shenanigans before they tie the knot. She gladly obliges, and the two get down and dirty in a delirious grind session. Tami has such a good time that she can’t help but tell her bridesmaids all about it. This, in turn, gets them all so worked up that the gals peel off their gowns and delve into a steamy lesbian pile-up. It’s during this endeavor that one of the gals comes up with the bright idea to shave her nether regions. Soon all the gals are engaged in the sexy shearing and smooth skin becomes the order of the day. Things really get freaky when one of the ladies tells her man about it, and he wants his own privates shaved! The whole thing is pretty silly, but those who enjoy the genre will surely get a kick out of it. The cast is full of some of the most exciting women of the day, including scorching sex kitten Buffy Davis and leggy lust bunny Liz Randall. Lots of out-there action and enough shaving footage to satisfy the hardiest hardcore fan makes this one a treat from start to finish.

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