Shauna Grant – The Early Years (1988)

Director: John Shubert
Starring: Shauna Grant, Richard Pacheco, Tom Byron, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Bobby Hollander.
A great deal has been written about Shauna Grant in the last few years since her untimely death. Magazine articles, Sunday supplement filler, a P.B.S. documentary and a network TV movie have all felt compelled to comment on her life and how she lived it. The controversy still rages, was she one of those unfortunates whose downward slide into the world of cocaine was helped on its way by her career in adult movies, or did these videos perhaps capture the few brief shining moments in history that she could call her own. The interviews, interspersed throughout this tape, leave you with the distinct impression that the truth lies somewhere in between. Never before has such candid expressions of Shauna’s own thought and feelings been brought before the public.
As for an Erotic value of these tapes, the young Shauna Grant was a powerfully sensual performer, in these, her earlist shoots. These scenes never appeared in feature form, so watch them and judge for yourself.

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