Sharon’s Rosebud (1976)

Starring: Sharon Thorpe, Mick Jones, Clair Dia.
Sharon Thorpe is relaxing on a bed, talking to an off-camera interviewer. She talks about her entry into the sex film business, its liberating effects, what she likes sexually and so forth. After a bit she reveals her breasts and discusses how she likes her nipples stroked and kissed. Then she gives us a long close-up tour of her pussy (the Rosebud of the title is of course her clit), and she goes into great detail about how she likes it treated. Then a black guy shows up, introduced by the interviewer as, “Here’s your Sex Object”! He proceeds to eat her and (briefly) fuck her for the rest of the film, while Sharon lapses into reveries of three sexual encounters — silent loops for which she provides voiceover narration.

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