Shane’s World 1 (1996)

Starring: Kaitlyn Ashley, Yvonne, Shane, Caressa Savage, Sid Deuce, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Peter North.
Oh my God, we had a blast! We rented a motor home, the Pounder, to take down to Glamis for a little sand railing and motorcycling. Our Pounder turned into a traveling trampoline as soon as we hit the highway. It was an orgy on wheels that you don’t want to miss, even though I did because I was busy with the camera. Things got even crazier once we got to Glamis. It was hard for me to keep it up. First I had to chase down Yvonne and Caressa in their sand railer. I finally found them parked in the sand dunes – with no clothes, a bottle of lube and the cockasaurus dildo. The scene left me so hot, I couldn’t wait to get back to camp to find a tramp to play with. There I found a foursome going on in the Pounder, and it turned into a double-penetration for Kaitlyn Ashley! That night, Kaitlyn did the penetrating, working Caressa with a strap-on. I thought I would finally get my pussy penetrated out on the train tracks; that is, until we found what we thought was a dead body in the bushes. It turned out to be and illegal alien, but when the border patrol showed up I knew my fun was ruined. It turned out I had to wait to get home for my own party. but everyone had a blast on the road trip, even me. And when we got home my waiting paid off. Yvonne came over to give me a massage and surprised me by bringing Peter North over to pound out all of my frustrations. There’s nothing like a Peter North cum shower to blast away all those dirty thoughts…so have lots of screaming orgasms – we did.

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