Shades Of Passion (1986)

Starring: Tracy Adams, Taija Rae, Danielle, Herschel Savage, Gabriel Pontello, Sandra Nova, Joanna Stevens.
Jake Gordon (Herschel Savage) has gone to Paris to forget his troubles. His gorgeous wife Valerie (Tracy Adams) has left him and all he craves right now is peace and quiet. Unfortunately, his friend Mark (Gabriel Pontello) has other ideas. Mark tells him that the French forget their woes by filling up their lives with beautiful women. And so, Jake ends up with more hot and cold running females that he can possibly handle. But, before he throws in the towel, Mark brings out his ace-in-the-hole: Chantal (Isabelle LaGrange), the most incredibly magnificent black girl in all of France. How can Jake possibly resist her charms? Also featured in this unusual film, are some of Europe’s most excitingly beautiful girls including Lisa (Gyslene Ker-David), a top Parisian fashion model, Monica (Clemintine Mayol) and Francoise (Melissa Pisano). This international cast brings excitement to the viewer never before seen anywhere.

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