Seymore Butts – Monkey Business (1996)

Starring: Taren Steele, Taylor Hayes, Brooke Harlow, Seymore Butts, Steven St. Croix, Tom Byron, T.T. Boy.
It’s good to be back! I hadn’t focused my camera on a nice ass for five weeks. It took two special letters, written by two incredible girls to get me going again. Both ladies get the ass fucking of their lives from Tom Byron. First, we watch Teri’s face contort and eyes roll back in her head as Tom slides his cock into her beautiful brown bottom! Next it’s Taren’s turn, she shows her appreciation t Tom by literally showering him with cum! Really! The harder he fucker her the more she squirted with job. Then, I accept the job offer to cover the shooting of a hardcore European photo layout in Mexico. Once I arrive, things don’t go exactly as I planned, however, I’m sure there is something about this Mexico adventure you will appreciate. Like the awesome sunsets or the beautiful Taylor, or breathtaking views or more ass fucking!

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