Sexual Outlaw (1997)

Director: Ralph Parfait
Starring: Locklear, Alyssa Love, Ruby, Shane Tyler, Daisy Love, Katie Gold, Alex Sanders, Brad Armstrong, Joel Lawrence.
Joel Lawrence has been through the proverbial wringer. First he endured a humiliating and painful marriage with Locklear, the gorgeous blonde Vivid girl the porn industry can’t stop talking about. Then after he’s put up with all of the evil garbage she could dole out, she dumps him, and drags him through divorce court and directly to the poorhouse. He moves in with his buddy Brad Armstrong, but then discovers he has yet another problem. Sex, the one pleasure he has had in life, is now denied him by his own body. Even when Alyssa Love and Shane Tyler try to get a rise out of him by doing every kinky thing they can think of to him, there’s no response. But when they start to verbally abuse and humiliate him, Joel feels right at home. He’s instantly cured and sets to righteously knocking both ladies’ booties like there’s no tomorrow. Blazing sex throughout.

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