Sexrageous (1980)

AKA: Dames De Compagnie
Les Femmes Mariées
Director: Claude Bernard-Auber
Starring: Taija Rae, Anna Veruska, Elisabeth Bure, Laura Clair, Lucie Doll, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Richard Lemieuvre, Jacques Gatteau, Omar Faudel, Hubert Geral, Alban Ceray, Gabriel Pontello, Guy Royer.
The Daringly Different Film That Goes Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Seen!
Be prepared for one of the most mind-blowing sexperiences you have ever viewed! Philip, several gorgeous girls, and their mates, are all part of an outrageous sex club where everybody does everything to everyone – in every place! What ensues staggers the imagination. And there’s only one word to describe it all – Sexrageous.

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