Sexplosion In Ibiza (1988)

Starring: Carline Moses, Emmanuelle Kane, Marie Noelly, Sheila Prinzess.
Firstly when you can enjoy the sunny side of love in Ibiza thanks to a lottery prize, but the German drop-out Hermann Braun accepts initially estimated at -.. sex! With his friend, he takes the journey home, and leaves for his villa together with an inventory of ladies, the always hot pool cleaner, and their declared archenemies, two French Vineyard Playboys. So to speak, the license for a hot lava dance with completely new sex pairings who happily indulge in all ports under the southern sun. And at the same time the start of a romance that skips all social boundaries with orgiastic aplomb. For you as an audience despite the Lotto winner’s weak heart, a clear super cool thing. Sex right…

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