Sexpionage (1987)

Starring: Britt Morgan, Dana Dylan, Rachel Ashley, Eric Dylan, Rick Savage.
Ambassador C.A. Puckett is in Moscow with her most trusted marine guards in a top secret mission. The Reds have sent their elite agents, Boris Kroonik and Sonya Malinkova to uncover the plans of Ms. Puckett. Boris and Sonya know that they cannot fail in this mission, or it will be Siberia for both of them. They devise a plan to bug the Ambassador’s office by sneaking through the Embassy security with disguises. Once inside the Embassy, the Reds waste no time trying to get friendly with American Marine guards in order to be able to lace the listening bugs. Sonya is determined to seduce the big, hunky, stud-like Sergeant in charge, while Boris uses his charms on the female Marine guard. The cold war gets pretty hot as the Reds try every trick in the book to get the secret information they want.

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