SexHibition 2 (1996)

Starring: Victoria Gold, Kim Kummings, Sophia Rio, Lana Sands, Tatiana, Skyla Wood.
Nathalie: “I don’t believe in higher powers. I believe that when you’re dead, you’re dead and then you rot in the sun like a putrid pig. That’s why they bury people. I believe that man has no soul: you know this soul business is a lotta crap: it’s all chemicals in your brain. That’s all it is: fucking chemicals! I believe that it’s fun to control people: people have no will power, they just follow the horde of people like a bunch of brainless cows. I believe that the end of the world is coming: that I’m gonna die, you’re gonna die and there’s no salvation. And we’re all gonna die, that’s right.

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