SexHibition 1 (1996)

Director: Kris Kramski
Starring: Alex Dane, Candy Vegas, Liza Harper, Sophia Rio, Brick Majors, Jeremy Steele, Michael J. Cox, Sean Rider, Vince Vouyer.
A year ago, I had a dream. I saw a beautiful giant light, glowing all over the Universe. A warm light of sweat and Universal Love. This vision of free sex and affection changed my outlook on life forever. Yes, someone had spoken to me. Life is out there, vibrating and I promise myself to establish communication with the higher powers. “That’s what the box cover says, and for the life of me, I don’t know what the hell it means, except that maybe something arty. Fortunately when you open up the box, there’s lots of the down and dirty and some hardcore penetrations. Liza’s a fox who fucks, and Sophia fucks like a mink. But as for the box, dig the chick on the front, and ignore the greeting card poetry on the back.

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