Sex World Girls (1987)

Director: Ron Jeremy
Starring: Tracey Adams, Rachel Ashley, Sue Nero, Marissa Betancourte, Charlene Cody, Gina Stone, Red Pepper, Ruby Rhodes, Johnny Nineteen, Damien Cashmere, Randy Paul, David Morris, Aaron Gage, Ron Jeremy.
The year is 2025 A.D. and it’s not easy being a woman. The women have been divided into “breeders and harlots”. The breeders job is to give birth and the harlots job is to satisfy men but who satisfies the women of 2025 A.D.? They come to “SEX WORLD” where breeders and harlots alike find the sexual pleasures they so desperately crave. “SEX WORLD” is run be Tommy and Tammy Treetops (the horniest couple in the galaxy). Inside of “SEX WORLD” you’ll find a universe of erotic fantasies. You can enter the rejevenation room, the love room, the gender exchange room, the stud chamber, the nostalgia room and the mystery room, where once you enter you’ll never leave. Yes they have found a slice of paradise in ‘SEX WORLD’, where you’re ultimate erotic fantasies become a reality.

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