Sex Wish (1976)

Director: Tim McCoy
Starring: Deanna Darby, Nancy Dare, C.J. Laing, Terri Hall, Candy Love, Tony Rome, Ronnie Love, R. Bolla, Harry Reems, Zebedy Colt, J.P. Paradine, Joaquin La Habana.
Filmed in 1976, SEX WISH was born from the same dark, urban decay that spawned legendary characters like DIRTY HARRY and PAUL KERSEY…HARRY REEMS plays Kenneth Bradshaw, just a regular hard working guy, until he comes home one night to find his beloved fiancé (C.J. LAING) violated and abused.
A psychopath is on the loose in NEW YORK CITY…terrorizing attractive young women. Bradshaw becomes intent on revenge. Searching the dirty streets for the monster that destroyed his life…getting closer to the final showdown…and the unforgettable shock that changed the face of porn forever.

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