Sex Off The Runway (1996)

Director: Philip Mond
Starring: Alexa Jaques, Cameron Riley, Derick Colby, Diana Van Laar, Gina Lorin, Mahalia, Mikki Brenner, Mimi LaCroix, Nikki Platts, Nikko Lennox, Sasha Vinni, Tiffany Taylor, Tiffany Taylor.
This movie is a genuine oddity: a Penthouse video with explicit sex. It also has a strange history: it was filmed in 1991 but not released until 1996/7 for reasons unknown.
It was made by Philip Mond who later went on to make the sumptuous Zazel: The Scent of Love. Both titles look like movies from the Andrew Blake catalog with knock out models, rich costumes and great make-up. The simple premise is explained in voice over: “We’re runway models and we fantasize about sex a lot” so the viewer watches six wordless episodes of dream sex separated by girls striding up and down the runway. The standout cast member is the stunning ‘Diana Van Laar'(qv) who is both a Playboy Playmate (Dutch edition) and a Penthouse Pet (US edition). This is her one and only x-rated title.
If you like your erotica on the lavish side this is the movie for you.

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