Sensual Encounters Of Every Kind (1978)

AKA: Sensual Encounters
Director: Richard Kanter
Starring: Serena, Leslie Bowee, Cris Cassidy, Dorothy Lemay, Georgina Spelvin, Lori Blue, Monique Cardin.
In ancient times, an alchemist developed a special talisman with the power to grant its owner an ultimate sexual fantasy. However, the owner may only use the magic amulet once and then must pass it on to someone new to keep the magic alive. Beginning with a young, wealthy housewife (Leslie Bovee) who explores her inner most passions with her lower class gardeners. Then, her wealthy aunt (Georgina Spelvin) uses the amulet’s charms to be seduced by her young students, who pass it on to a lustful politician and his mistress (Serena).

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