Sensual Confessions (2000)

Starring: Temptress, Taylor St. Clair, Anastasia X., Renee LaRue, Ava Vincent, Isabella, Jewel Marceau, Cheyne Collins, Randy Spears, Mark Davis, Dale DaBone, Tony Tedeschi, Chennin Blanc.
Luscious young super-starlet Temptress takes center stage in this steamy vignette-style sexvid. Temptress plays the owner of a wanton website called Sensual Confessions, a strange business if ever there was one. It seems that people send Temptress letters (by post, not by e-mail, despite her website!), and then she fantasizes about what they’ve written.
“How she expects to make any money this way is a mystery. Anyway, before her venture goes belly-up, she dreams up some scintillating sexual scenarios that make up the bulk of this fiery opus. Temptress figures in some of the best scenes, of course she kicks out all the stops early on, indulging in some kinky nurse-patient playtime with tasty Ava Vincent in a searing sapphic session. And Temptress closes the flick out with an even hotter segment, taking on some lucky stiff in a romance-tinged tumble that finds her decked out in some eye-popping lingerie. Throw some candles, a blindfold, and lots of sweaty sex into the mix and you’ve got the makings of a truly arousing roundelay. Other highlights include a threesome in which a curvaceous older woman seduces a shy young busboy, and a white-hot segment in which a goofy college guy finds himself matched up with a gorgeous female tutor. While the set-ups might not make much sense, the action itself is energetic and passionate throughout. Fans of youthful beauties should take note.

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