Secrétariat Privé (1980)

AKA: Private Secretarial Services
Director: Claude-Bernard Aubert
Starring: Dominique Saint Claire, Elisabeth Buré, Laura Clair, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Guy Royer, Richard Lemieuvre, Piotr Stanislas.
Jean-Francois (Guy Royer) has it all in this film: a booming business in sex toys, two platinum Brigitte Lahaie lookalikes as secretaries. His wife likes to have the maid join in with her sex life, both when her husband is home and when he isn’t. At the start of the film, secretary Josianne (Elisabeth Buré) has already submitted to Guy and is periodically servicing him under the table. Such a consummate professional is Josianne that she is still able to pick up his phone calls while using her mouth on his member. Josianne is also a welcome guest at Royer’s house during her off hours, where she has lesbian encounters with his wife Valérie (Nadine Roussial). Meanwhile, Jean-Francois is totally okay with this, as he likes to listen to the two women making love by means of a hidden microphone while he does the maid Maria (Nicole Segaud).
Only prudish Josefa (Dominique Saint-Claire) has been able to refuse her bosses advances up until now. But she begins to mellow after she receives one of the new prototype golden dildos the company is planning to sell to housewives all over the country. These dildos are so impressive that each close up is accompanied by a loud gong sound. J-F also presents a couple of these tools to business partners Richard Lemieuvre and Piotr Stanislas, leading to a rare side track in the film in which Lemieuvre seduces Laura Clair in a ladies room. However the rest of the film concentrates on the four women in J-F’s life. Before long the boss has both secretaries doubling up on his trouser area during work hours while Valérie gets it on with Maria (the only brunette in the picture) at home.
The film climaxes with a prolonged orgy between our hero Jean, his wife (the only time they share the screen together) and their three favorite employees. Oh, and it all ends with a clash of the gong, naturally.

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