Secretaires Sans Culotte (1979)

AKA: Martine Venus Der Wollust
Martine – La Venus Del Placer
Starring: Brigitte Lahaie, Barbara Moose, Marilyn Jess, Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, Morgane.
Martine has come to Paris in order to visit her uncle, a dentist. Her uncle wants to keep his eye out for her since he knows what kinds of trouble young beautiful women can find themselves in once in a new city. He hires a private detective to follow her around town.Martine begins to work as a receptionist at her uncle’s office and on one occasion peeks in on her uncle and Brigitte Lahaie having sex in the exam room. Obviously turned on by what she just viewed she decides to experiment with some of the techniques just witnessed.Soon she finds herself having sex at a shoe store, involved in a fetish dungeon scene with, having sex with a bellboy in a hotel…

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