Search For The Snow Leopard (1998)

Director: Nick Steele
Starring: Asia Carrera, Ashton Moore, Stephanie Swift, Gina Ryder, Temptress, Taylor St. Claire, Halli Aston, Lexington Steele, Jennifer Lee, Mark Davis, Blair Segal.
Join Eve Taggert (Asia Carerra) as she pursues her obsession..the endangered snow leopard of Bardo. In a flashback, evil beauty Stephanie Swift seduces Eve’s father (Mark Davis) among vintage aircraft with lusty sucking and bucking until he spills his passion! The spell of the leopard turns an academic cocktail party into an interracial free-for-all! The lure of the leopard attracts money-lusting poachers, who also lust for double fellatio and campsite sex. Don’t miss sthe sapphic energy of 12 beauties during the Women Of the Wind ritual. Quivering with desire, Asia quenches her needs by pleasuring herself in a waterfall. On the verge of extinction…the predator is about to become the prey.

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