Sarah Young – The Young One 2 (1992)

Starring: Jay, Jonathan Morgan, Misty, Paul, Peter North, Sarah Young, Sean Michaels, Stephanie, T.T. Boy.
Seductively Sarah undresses in front of the mirror. She’s bewildering in her pink lingerie and white stockings. Sarah looks at and caresses herself, gets herself a blue nightie, goes to bed – but just to give her pussy a hand. The telephone let’s her quit all dreams. We come to know that a burglar just broke in. So, she’s scared wondering who caused the noise she heard again. But thanks god, it’s the police coming and not a thief like she feared for. Her nerves are that soothed she passes out. What’s to be done? The helpful police decide in giving her a kiss of life (what’s the fairly best option considering Sarah’s astral, scantily clad body..!). Immediately, she and the animal in her are awakened – sucking a big welcome to the cops’ strong sticks. From now on, they are powerfully on duty at this unusual intervention… And as they are a perfect team, they also butter her rosy cheeks together while her tits are swaying voluptuously…
As her colored friend Andre appears, Sarah only tells him about the burglar. What makes him give her a firm hug and then console her with his huge black hammer in a very intimate manner. Despite, the day after, he thanks Sarah for a marvellous night but proposes her to just stay friends. What exhausts her nearly like the next shock: Two plumbers she had led into the kitchen turn out to be burglars! There’s nothing worth to be taken away in the house but Sarah in her neglige is a real jewel! – Being understandably refractory first, she finally wills into the gangsters’ raw attempts of approach. There’s no need to look for spices: The fuck beside the kitchen-sink is peppered enough. And after the rascals have given their best to cream Sarah’s cheeks and face, they even ask for the shower!
Seems they’ve really made at home. Like the police: They ask, having come back to Sarah again, whether everthings alright (but just mean Sarah’s crunchy parts). Soon out of their uniforms, they offer Sarah some horny quick bite in the living room and find her wet and willing. On the other hand, Sarah is forgiven to not introduce the gentlemen to each other as the burglars come back form under the shower and just join in: When, does she think, will I have the next time the opportunity to enjoy such much well-hung meat and whipped cream without taking care of calories..?

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