Sarah Young – The Young One 1 (1991)

Starring: Deborah, Jake Steed, Mimi Myagi, Nick East, Peter North, Sarah Young, Scott Turner, Sean Michaels.
After a busy day, Sarah is feeling rather alone in her new apartment. That’s not what makes her day. So, she calls Peter to maybe come by and comfort her. Arrived, he’s visibly in heat, in the right mood to directly attack. Without any sense for her elegant white costume or her fabulous salmon pink lingerie and white stockings, he wants to really gobble her up. He handles her with blazing passion, kisses her and kneads her fantastic mammas, and Sarah enjoys every moment of his impetuous desire, especially his experienced tongue licking her twat. They dance through the positions, Sarah sucks him in between and in the final 69, he’s no longer able to keep his heat controlled and takes off. An awful encounter.
Without further ado, Sarah Young gets right to the point: The embatted force is just aside her, willing and stiff, and so she gives a sensuous handjob and a great big blowjob to her black lover’s superdong. It does not last long the apparatus is gliding into her slippery wet center of lust and Sarah enjoys her lover’s strikes up to the hilt. Ecstatically, she’s longing for what’s missing: juice – and has herself wildly fucked by him into her oral cunt till he sprays his joy into her mouth, onto her tongue and, then, creams her tender skin. A graceful exit of a straight tA?te-A -tA?te!
And, as well, what a contrast to what follows next: Sarah’s serving some champagne, so there’s something to be celebrated. And when she’s in a grand-gala mood, she’s always willing to welcome any cock standing around… Three juicy guys at once are particularly what she needs; easily, she has them at her demand (no wonder, eyecatcher she is in her dress dominated by the colours of the Brazilian flag and that’s kind of hoisted by her puffing tits…), sucks their then steeled arms to opening up the Samba later. The guys are in the rhythm with her and in her and they hilite a long-distance DP, whilst Sarah is searching (and finding) dick #3 to fill her greedy mouth. Maybe, you will already have to reload when those three shoot their friendly fire onto her, wetting her cheeks and breast and lips… – Well, we don’t know about the quality of the champagne this scene starts with; but we know this tri-pipe-cuvee would top any!

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