Samson In The Amazon’s Land (1998)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Kelly Trump, Maria Papp, Regina Sipos, Gabriella Vincze, Monika Roh, Ursula Moore, Erika Lindauer, Frank Gun, Hakan Serbes, Mike Silver.
Shot in Europe on crystal clear 35mm film stock, this dazzling production serves up a salacious retelling of the ancient myth. The story revolves around legendary strongman Hercules, who’s out to rescue Samson from the clutches of the Amazons, an all-female tribe who’ve captured him. The women plan to use Samson for their own devices — as a sexual playmate to help them conceive new children. But when they’re done with him, they plan to kill him! It’s up to Hercules to save his long-haired compatriot. The action is blisteringly hot, and the production values are as high as anything we’ve seen in porn in some time. Lavish sets, stylish costumes and gorgeous performers keep this one fun to watch even during the periods of plot exposition. And when the action gets going, it’s as wild-eyed and nasty as you’d expect of a European production. Fans looking for something a but different will flip for this winning erotic adaptation of the legends.

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