Salieri Football 3 – Il Tramonto Di Un Sogno (2006)

Starring: Nicole De Rossi, Vanessa Mae, Bambola, Anna Key, Brooke Summer, Karol Vendula, Uma Best, Jane Darling, Angelika Wilde, Julie Silver, Olivia Fezy, Claudia Rossi, Laura Lion, Alfredo Prete, Remigio Zampa, Denny Moroni, Steve Holmes, Don Fernando, Bruno Pelligi, Riccardo Cafaro, Josephine Bracco, Lexy Morton.
Sex is everywhere and it will always sell, sell, and sell! Salieri football engages the viewer as an empathetic partner in this sexually athletic feature! Our actors provided their finest interpretations of the stories to bring a true-to-life reality to their characters’ lives as they revolve around the sport of soccer. Cum along for the ride as a willing partner in this highly charged erotic masterpiece that slowly transforms into a unique pornographic style. Follow the intrigue of business, politics and sex surrounding the world football championship game.

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