Salieri Football 1 – Il Vizio Del Presidente (2006)

Starring: Judith Fox, Kyra Tyelar, Bambola, Karol Vendula, Karina Morikova, Jane Darling, Anita Wilson, Daria Glower, Remigio Zampa, Denny Moroni, Riccardo Cafaro, Steve Holmes, Don Fernando.
Salieri Football is one of the most ambitious projects in history. To achieve the three episodes that make up this work, it took 22 days of shooting and about 4 months of preparation. The installation of the original soundtrack and computer graphic effects also required a substantial amount of post-production time. The result of this august body of work is certainly pleasantly surprising.
Even with its erotic content, Salieri Football stands right alongside traditional works of fiction that daily invade our television screens. Sports events highlighted with splendid video qualities were captured, all with the help of eight cameras, to provide the most comprehensive coverage available for our devoted fans. Our actors provided their finest interpretations of the stories to bring a true-to-life reality to their characters’ lives as they revolve around the sport of soccer. As a result, we were able to totally involve the viewer as an empathetic partner in the narrative. Of course, these are minor ingredients in being able to bring the viewer along as a willing partner in this highly charged erotic atmosphere that slowly transforms into a unique pornographic style. Follow the intrigue of business, politics and sex surrounding the world football championship game.
For all these reasons, Salieri Football is truly enjoyable for viewers who like to be immersed in erotic feelings and forget all of life’s stressors … at least for a while. Enjoy!

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