Russian Model Magazine 7 (1998)

Starring: Leana, Natasha, Leanna, Elaina, Julia, Julianne.
Leana and Natasha: Ages 18 and 19. Jobs: Clerk in a Bookstore and Supermarket Checker. Born: Moscow, Kiev. Favorite Movie Stars: Jim Carey and Arnols Schwarzenegger. First Sexual Experience: With a girlfriend in her house and the other with her boyfriend in his car. Ambitions: To get married and the other to become a T.V. or radio host. Put two foxes in a wolf’s den and you get hot sex. These two girls get so excited that the fur really starts flying! This guy has enough for both of them to eat! Leanna: Age 20. Job: Works with designer clothing. Born: Moscow. Favorite Movie Star: Christian Slater. First Sexual Experience: While in an adult bookstore when she was 18 and was seduced in a storage room. Ambition: To design her own clothing line and see farmhouse people wearing them. She is definitely a teddy bear beauty. When she takes off the teddy she’s all bare. I am talking bare, butt naked. All you need is your imagination and you are there with her. Elaina: Age 22. Job: Model. Born Odessa. Favorite Movie Star: Dudley Moore. First Sexual Experience: With a boy in her neighborhood in her backyard by her pool. Ambition: To be a successful model in the U.S.A. Gorgeous is what describes Elaina. The flowing lines on this gal is what most men dream about. She gets so excited she forgets that she is even on camera and goes crazy. Not much editing on her. She was all natural!! Julia and Julianne: Ages19 and 20. Jobs: Hairstylist and Student. Born: St. Petersberg and Norilsk. Favorite Movie Stars: Pamela Anderson and Jack Nicholson. First Sexual Experience: At a party with a boy and girl together and the other at school with her boyfriend. Ambitions: To become a movie star and the other to move to the U.S. and win the lottery. These are two true beauties and they have more licks than a tootsie pop. They fuck each other as well as any man could. They bring each other to several earth shattering climaxes!

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