Russian Model Magazine 3 (1998)

Starring: Nastya, Eiram, Julia, Melanie.
NASTYA and EIRAM – Age: 18 & 20 Job: Student & Make-up Consultant Born: Tashkent & Riga Favorite Movie Stars: Robert Redford & Jackie Chan First Sexual Experience: One seduced by a boy while parents where at work, in her house at the age of 15 & the other with a boyfriend at the movies at 17. Ambition: Both, to do make-up for movies, to be happy and rich.
ALEJANDRA – Age: 20 Job: Waitress Born: St. Petersburg Favorite Movie Star: Tony Danza First Sexual Experience: With a boy at her school at 16 Ambition: To raise children who will become successful.
JULIA and JULIA – Age: 19 & 20 Job: Hair Stylist & Student Born: St. Petersburg and Norilsk Favorite Movie Stars: Pamela Anderson & Jack Nicholson First Sexual Experience: At a party with a boy & girl together at 18 & the other at school with a boyfriend at 17. Ambition: To become movie stars, move to the United States and win a state Lottery.
MELANIE – Age: 22 Job: Bank Teller Born: Moscow Favorite Movie Star: Eddie Murphy First Sexual Experience: With a boyfriend at his house, early in the morning before his parents woke up, at the age of 18. Ambition: To get married and have lots of children.

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