Russian Model Magazine 2 (1996)

Starring: Svetlana, Olga Lovi, Nastya, Rachida, Kristina, Natacha.
When a couple of globe-hopping pornographers bring their trusty steadicams to Moscow, they end up finding lots of lascivious ladies ready and willing to strut their sexy stuff for an international hardcore audience. It’s a travelogue-style pro-am sex-tacular as one luscious Russian stunner after another proves that icy climes make for scorchingly hot bedroom fun. We open with Svetlana, a pretty blonde with a killer natural figure, who gets picked up in Red Square and taken back to Frank Gunn’s hotel room for some vodka-fueled debauchery. Lushly curvaceous 22 year old Olga throws aside all inhibitions during a passionate double dip with a pair of hunks. Rachida is a 20 year old strawberry blonde looker whose scrumptious all-natural curves prove too much for Gunn to resist in another searing scene. We close the action out with a steamy Sapphic sizzler between raven-haired hardbody Kristina and delectable redheaded ravisher Natacha. All the women here turn in some nicely enthusiastic performances, while the Moscow scenery provides an interesting batch of segues. Fast-paced fun for fans of Eastern European cuties.

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