Roma Connection (1991)

Director: Mario Salieri
Starring: Angelica Bella, Ashley Nichols, Cristopher Clarck, Deborah Wells, Joy Karin’s, Richard Lengin, Robert Malone, Ubaldo Fazi, Wilfried De Renzi.
Deborah Wells, is a mother and a respectable wife who is married to an important man uses her beautiful and sensual body to obey and content the mafia boss’s request to have sex with one of his low-life trash assistants. She artistically strips for him. Undressing her fabulous black dress only to uncover her golden tall soft body. She pleases him with every possible sexual positions, and finally she gets caught by her daughter, who had earlier had a sexual affair with this trash mafia. Director Mario Salieri shows throughout the entire film how rich, respectable women enjoy to be treated, sexually, as trash and cheap. Each woman has a different story with the mafia. The mafia’s boss (an old man) threatens the women and force them to have sex with homeless people, trashy men and criminals.

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