Rockin’ With Seka (1980)

Starring: Seka, Judy Carr, Patricia Lee, Desiree West, Aunt Peg, Serena, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Randy Merlot.
The wonderful Seka, Swedish Erotica star, pulls out all the stops in her newest and best-ever feature length film. Rockin’ With Seka is an outstanding adult production from all angles: fine photography, artful direction, and — best of all — the hard, pulse-pounding action that Seka fans have come to expect. In fact, Rockin’ With Seka manages to contain (just barely) the all-time best of Seka’s endless erotic escapades. That suggests, naturally, the explosive presence of an all-star cast: John Holmes, Judy Carr, Patricia Lee, Jamie Gillis, and a number of other familiar bods are on hand to keep the fire hot. Rockin’ With Seka successfully combines dramatic sophistication with close encounters of the most sensual kind. All told, it’s a must-see for any adult movie connoiseur!

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