Rock Hard (1985)

Starring: Lili Marlene, Mai Lin, Nina Hartley, Patti Cakes, Taija Rae, Billy Dee, Eric Edwards, Jerry Butler, Joe Jones, Ron Jeremy.
Adonna (TAIJA RAE), lead singer for the Sexelettes, an all-girl, heavy metal band, has a lot going for her in the steamy backstage saga of the music industry. Helping Adonna get her hard rocks off along the way are: Fornicating Phil (JERRY BUTLER), the group’s manager; Sinfully Seductive Cindi Looper (NINA HARTLEY), one of Adonna’s backup singers who does much more with her luscious mouth than just sing; Ultra Box (PATTI CAKES), another slutty Sexelettes whose name says it all; Billy D.J. (BILLY DEE), who’s prepared to do a lot for the girls…provided they do a lot for him first; Joan Dominatrix (LILY MARLENE), a booking agent that no club owner dares to refuse; … plus enough miscellaneous promoters, studio execs and program directors to give Adonna’s leading stud all the stiff competition necessary to make a story so sex-saturated that it could only have been based on the Hollywood music scene!

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