Rocco’s Real Italian Swingers (1996)

Director: Rocco Siffredi
Starring: Alessandro Pasotti, Aurica Juliana Hotnog, Calogero Giuseppe Italiano, Cristina Carlassara, Daniela Maggi, Davide, Eleonora Szucs, Emanuele Balduchelli, Giovanni Vadala, Goghero Pier-luca, Manuela, Mauro, Rocco Siffredi, Simone.
When Rocco told me about this video he said he wasn’t sure if I should sell it here in America. He said he did this video not because he thought he would make much money with it, but because he was so turned on by the idea of getting it on with Real Italian Swingers who really wanted to screw for the fun of it. The girls are not glamorous, made up, porno stars. Sometimes the lighting and camera work is not so good, sometimes he has to use a rubber, and sometimes the girls wanted to wear mask to hide their identity! But I looked at this video and I knew I wanted it for America! It’s hot, raw, real and some of it is truly exceptional.
My Note: This is a compilation of material from 2 movies:
Rocco Ti Presento Mia Moglie
Rocco Ti Presento Mia Moglie Per L’ultima Volta

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