Rocco Contro Taylor (2000)

AKA: Taylor Loves Rocco
Director: Ralph Parfait
Starring: Taylor Hayes, Rocco Siffredi, Maria Schauss, Andrew Youngman, Judit, Hanji, Wanda Curtis.
Taylor Hayes and Rocco Siffredi play a couple who head off to Budapest for vacation, never suspecting just how wild things might get. The story starts when the couple pull into a small shop to ask for directions. Rocco goes inside to query the owner, but it turns out that the only one working is brunette beauty Maria Schauss. While Rocco and Maria are getting better acquainted in a blistering boff, Taylor’s being kidnapped by gypsies. Rocco gets out of the shop just in time to watch them drive off. Later, Maria shows up at the gypsy camp and treats their leader Andrew Youngman to a white-hot good time atop a dining room table. Some kinky lesbian play follows, as Maria unties Taylor but forces her into a Sapphic session at knifepoint. Both gals really lose themselves in the scene, one of the best lesbian efforts we’ve seen from either performer. Andrew’s back again next, taking on a pair of gypsy gals in a deliciously debauched threesome. The finale, needless to say, features Taylor and Rocco together. They both go for broke, with Rocco delivering a slightly softer, more caring version of his usual hard-pounding self. This is a great flick for couples, filled with breathtaking scenery, hot performers of both sexes, and more than enough steamy action to satisfy. Taylor Hayes has never looked better, and her performance here is one of her most unbridled yet.

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