Robin Hood – Thief Of Wives (1995)

AKA: Robin Hood – König Der Triebe
Robin Thief Of Wives
Robin Hood – La Leggenda Sexy
Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Nicolette, Andrea Nobili, Stephania Sartori, Caterina Altieri, Silbo Lado, Lura Camilletti, Chantal, Chu Diomsio, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Max Magnum, Jubo’s Stud.
Robin and his Merry Maidens put a twist on the original tale. Rather then rid thy kingdom of its Gold he frees the Maidens of the king. In this enchanted kingdom chastity belt and corsets are enforced garments by the King. Robin mesmerized by these adornments as well as thy women to which they enclose, enjoys the pleasure with which only these sumptuous maidens can provide.

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