Restless Passion (1987)

Starring: Janet Littledove, Sheri Sloan, Keisha, Brittany Stryker, Lori Peacock, Keisha, Buck Adams, Al Brown, Ron Jeremy, Chet Aznivor, Fallon, Peter North, Don Fernando, Jon Dough.
Brittany Stryker and Buck Adams have just moved into their dream home, a gorgeous house with lots of space, a great view and terrific, sexy neighbors. The house also really has that lived-in feeling, which isn’t surprising since it also has one little feature that the real estate agent didn’t tell Buck and Brittany about. Put simply, their new dream home is swarming with restless and super horny ghosts. What to do? Well, if Buck and Brittany are any indication, the living really can get along with the dearly departed who have yet to move on the the next world, and especially if the libidos of the living mesh as well with the libidos of the dead as they seem to here. The sex is definitely otherworldly as Buck and Brittany have at it with their spirit-world roommates. Brittany is a certifiable sex machine, and she’s joined here by a selection of the porn world’s best and brightest talents. Look especially for the stupendously-endowed Kiesha, whose work here is among the very hottest of her legendary career.

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