Reflections (1977)

Director: Michael Zem
Starring: Annette Haven, Bob Miglietta, Chris Surili, Dave Penney, Heather Grant, Joe Nassivera, Kristine Heller, Linda Wong, Paul Thomas, Bonnie Holliday, John Leslie, Linda Chin, Ray Welles, Sandi Pinney.
“Bob is pleased, excited by the arrival of this full and ripened beauty. His first encounter with Joan at the drive-in leaves him with such sexual needs that he is forced, once again, to Connie for satisfaction. ‘That bitch, that closed leg bitch! Hell, a little hand job won’t have hurt her.’ Bob moans to Connie, while she is doing to him what has excited her for fourteen years. ‘I’ll make her eat her words and me too’.
“Joan is willing but unable to forget the childhood experiences she had with Bob and Connie. Oh! I know what would happen if I undressed in front of you. You both would just laugh at my naked body and send me out of the room as you used to do. I would then look thru the keyhole and see Connie do all those nasty things to you…I even saw her put your thing in her mouth one time. I hated both of you then; but that’s in the past. I would never put one of those things in my mouth; at least not yours.
“It’s the hatred that has brought Joan back to torment and destroy her cousins, and she does this with professional ease. Not only does she have one, but both Bob and Connie watch helplessly as the innocent cousin picks and chooses from the various friends attending her welcome home party. Joan finally had her revenge; and her cousins…and friends.”

No Pass

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