Refinements In Love (1971)

Director: Carlos Tobalina
Starring: Liz Renay, Devon Mayer, Jim Mayer, Anita de Moulin, Ron Darby, Edward Bernard Sands, Geoffrey W. Patterson, Susan Bergdahl, James Fuller, Santiago Burvell, Bill St. Pierre, Danny Sanders, Paul Herbert, Roland Peters, Micky Hanes, Kathy Phidel, Vera Angel, Judi Lane, Rene Bond, John Hart, William Howard, Michael James, Jim, Ric Lutze, Brigitte Maier, James E. Myers, Carmen Olivera, Maria Pia, Fran Spector, Carlos Tobalina, Linda Vroom, Nora Wieternik.
Refinements in Love is a fake documentary about the early hardcore adult film industry that was made by Carlos Tobalina that is mostly an exercise of ego masturbation for Tobalina. In the film, our hostess (Liz Renay) talks about various aspects of the adult industry and presents fake experts along with false scientific facts about the positive aspects of the hardcore adult film industry.
Refinements in Love is more coherent than a lot of Tobalina’s efforts are but he still manages to twist the film in weird an bizarre ways which don’t always add to the film. The beginning credits don’t show up until roughly 45 minutes into the film. Scenes are edited so that they will start at one point then continue at another. Stock footage is used even when it really doesn’t fit within what is being told. Tobalina also works vignettes into the production as well.
Some of the fake segments are outright hilarious like when the vice cops bust the theater and arrest the employees and walk out with them and the film print, but apparently leave the patrons in the dark theater. I’m sure Tobalina didn’t plan on some of these segments being as amusing as they came out.
Possibly one of the weirdest choices is to have a fake news report, on a television, within the fake documentary where the news reporter (Michael James) interviews Carlos Tobalina, who of course presents himself as the David O. Selznick of adult films. The interview cuts to sex scenes as it goes on, which are of course not on the television but take up the whole screen.
The sex scenes are a mixture of softcore and hardcore scenes. The sex scenes aren’t shot too badly and despite a lack of cum shots aren’t bad. Unfortunately everything else in the film goes on for far longer than it should and the film wears out its welcome quickly. The whole thing should have been edited down to about an hour.
As to whether this film is worth watching, that itself is a hard call. Some of the sex scenes are nicely done but the film is overly long and very self serving to Tobalina. Some viewers will manage to get enjoyment out of this project whereas others will find it to be an absolute waste of time.


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