Reel People 2 (1985)

AKA: More Reel People 2
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Candace Daley, Joanna Storm, Kelly Nichols, Kimberly, Mariko, Mary, Mikey, Barry, Frank T. Lane, John Leslie, Randy West, Rocky Balboa, Shone Taylor.
After being interviewed about their fantasies and sexuality, the men and women who comprise the Reel People actually have sex on camera with an experienced porn star (except for one man who just isn’t into it).
Mary, a very attractive 21 year-old, captures our hearts in a steamy segment with Rocky Hayne. Then there’s Shawn, a dancer who fantasizes about getting it on with Joanna Storm and Kelly Nichols and gets to have both at the same time. And of course, John Leslie is more than able to handle 23 year-old saleswoman Mickey. There are plenty segments all crisply filmed and edited.

Hot and sizzling for Normal folks.

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