Raunch 11 (1998)

Starring: Jill Kelly, Rebecca Wild, Shay Sweet, Dahlia, Leanni Lee, Chuck Martino, Eric Price, JJ Michaels, Seth Gecko.
Shay is plagued by the constant one night stands of an airline pilot that she’s in love with. To get over her heart break, her gay house keeper decides to celebrate the arrival of spring by inviting all of her horny friends over for a steany sex filled pool party. Overcome by the excitement of watching everyone fuck, he passes out and wakes to find his cock “bone hard’ and in a womans mouth! In a dynamic twist of fate, Shay ends up falling for a female guest and the house keeper loses his lisp! Bottom line is, the girlsin this movie are so hot, it’s highly recommended for men who question their sexual preference…as well as those who don’t.

No Pass

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