Rambone The Destroyer (1985)

Director: William Whett
Starring: Kari Fox, Lois Ayres, Heather Wayne, Dick Rambone, Kelli Richards, Patti Petite, Rachel Ryan, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers, Troy Tanier.
Dick Rambone returns in this down and dirty epic. The action takes place in and around the Dancers Anonymous Studios, where students learn what it takes to get to the top of the dance game. Of course, in this particular dance studio, it takes more than just long legs and flexible muscles. It also takes a willingness to engage in some sultry shenanigans with the feisty folks who run the place! Lusty Lois Ayres stars as the head of the dance company and turns in a head-spinningly heated performance. Ravishing Rachel Ryan’s at the center of most of the hottest action, particularly when she’s kidnapped by the dance troupe and forced to frolic with their hardiest stud. Little do the dancers suspect that Rachel’s boyfriend Rambone is on his way! Rambone shows up, grabs Rachel back and then takes Lois in another rough-edged romp. Lois, Rachel and Rambone crank the heat way up as they plunge into a freaky, kinky threesome that leaves them all utterly spent. Also along for the raunchy ride are such 80s hardcore luminaries as Kelli Richards, Patti Petite and Heather Wayne, each of them ready and willing to please. Filled with gorgeous women, well-equipped studs and plenty of pulse-pounding action, ‘Rambone the Destroyer’ is sure to become one of your fiery favorites.

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