Ramb-ohh 1 – The Force Is In You (1986)

Director: Von Rogel
Starring: Careena Collins, Candie Evens, Krista Lane, Bunnie Blake, Pauline Pepper, Peter North, Tom Byron, Francois Papilion, Ray Hardin, Cary Blastum, Malcomb Day, Buddy Love, Jake Soto, Flint Cagmy.
Description: A full fighting force rolled into one prize package! ‘Sandra (Pauline Pepper) is up the creek and in the clutches of the head-honcho (Cary Blastum) of Executive Escape; a notorious sex club that in reality is a terrorist group with plans to blow a battalion of American soldiers to Kingdom Come. ‘But their best laid plans fall ass-under when wayfaring war-hero, Ramb-ohh (Peter North) rescues said lady-in-distress then plunges head first past the corporate carnality to penetrate the inside action – leaving the honcho and his henchmen (1 & 2) wondering just what hit them as our grunt-on-the-hunt, with the full co-operation of a curvaceous under-cover cop (Barbie Blake), hunker down and dirty for the final count-down.

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