Radioactive (1990)

AKA: Ground Zero L.A.
Director: Buck Adams
Starring: Delta Force, Carol Cummings, Jacqueline, Madison, Tabitha Stevens, Kristarah Knight, Buck Adams, Jerry Butler, Steve Austin, Jimmy Malta, Wayne Summers, Tony Montana.
This film (and it is a film, shot on 35 mm according to the credits) is one of the prime examples of Buck Adams’ late ’80’s/early 90’s coke-fueled auteur period. This film actually predates Super Hornio Bros. The plot focuses on a terrorist (Jerry Butler) who is holding L.A. ransom for one billion dollars. If they don’t pay up, he plans on detonating his very own dirty bomb and killing millions of innocent civilians. The task of stopping this lunatic falls on two hardened cops (played by Buck Adams and Steve Austin) who run around, hunting down clues (and bedding babes) in their quest for justice. Adams’ seemed genuinely more interested in building plot and suspense (at which he fails hilariously) than he does in the phoned-in sex scenes and they even hired a helicopter for the big finale.

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