Racconti Sensuali (1986)

Director: Riccardo Schicchi
Starring: Ilona Staller, Susan Turner, Bob Harris, Luigi Soldati, Denise Dior, Jessica Stehl, Valerie Sidy.
This odd Italian film will appeal mainly to fans of Ilona Staller. It starts with her sitting in a spooky dungeon or crypt, wearing a mask and writing in a leather bound book, possibly a diary, using a pen shaped like a penis! There is a voice over and this scene goes for quite a while and gets pretty boring when you can’t understand the narration. The film consists of four different scenarios which seem to come from what she is writing in her book. Whether they are supposed to be recollections or fantasies is unclear to me. In the first scenario Cicciolina is in some sort of pagan orgy where all the other participants wear masks. At least half a dozen people have sex in various combinations, the scene is not very well shot and it is often hard to tell who is doing what to whom. Eventually Cicciolina is left to take care of three guys by herself. Things get even stranger in the next scenario, now Cicciolina and two other girls are nuns, one of the girls is shown shaving her pussy and another is seen urinating. Three guys show up wearing stocking masks and threaten Cicciolina with a gun before having rough sex with her while the other two girls hide and watch. After a while the other girls show themselves and join in. Next up Cicciolina is a streetwalker. In a pretty squalid looking setting she and some other streetwalkers have sex with some guys, there is some watersports and it ends with Cicciolina enduring some pretty rough anal on the bonnet of a car after which she urinates. The last scene is more rough sex in a dungeon setting, more pissing and Cicciolina takes on three guys again.

No Pass

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