Putting It All Behind 2 (1994)

AKA: Putting It All Behind 2 – Star Treatment
Starring: Kirsty Waay, Norma Jeane, Asia Carrera, Teri Diver, Marilyn Martin, Vince Voyeur, Nick East, Marc Wallace.
It’s the oldest story in Hollywood…The endless quest for true love…big bucks…and butt sex. Norma Jeane, the awesome real life model for numerous Olivia Paintings, and the master of the backstage pass, plays a gold-digger on a mission. What better time to dig for gold than when the defenses are down? That’s where Star Treatment comes in. She’s managed to get herself admitted to one of those chi-chi treatment programs, where she comes on to every man in pants…or a skirt, in hopes of bagging the big payday. Real money. Living on easy street. But alas, things are never as easy as they seem, and Norma Jeane’s got a big lesson to learn. So sign up today, class is in session.

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